Terms & Conditions


By booking a journey with Spinnaker Travel Limited, you hereby agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

Terms & Conditions last updated 22nd August 2018.


  • All references to 'we', 'us', 'our', 'the company', 'Spinnaker' in the below Terms and Privacy Policy refer to SPINNAKER TRAVEL LIMITED, their employees, vehicles or self-employed contractors, and any vehicles operated by them, whether or not owned directly by them.
  • All references to 'you', 'your' or 'the customer' refer to the lead booker whose name is given during the booking process, or is responsible for the payment of the booking.
  • 'Your guests' and 'travellers' refer to anyone carried in the vehicle in the course of a Private Hire booking or other journey carried out for Hire & Reward.
  • 'Local area' refers to the area within an 8 mile radius of Caldicot, Monmouthshire, and excludes the use of toll roads and toll bridges whilst calculating that distance.
  • 'Overnight' refers to journeys taking place between the hours of 9PM and 10AM.
  • 'Non-standard Bookings' refers to any bookings making use of our Executive Travel service, bookings involving non-standard seating configurations (for example Captain's Chairs and Tables), or bookings for larger vehicles & minibuses.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All bookings are final. Bookings with a price of less than £20 may be amended free of charge at least 48 hours before the planned collection time.
  2. In the event of an amended journey and a cheaper journey being booked, no money will be refunded from sums already paid, and any excess will be kept by the Company to be used as credit towards a future Spinnaker booking. (This credit expires after three months).
  3. Long distance journeys, journeys originating outside of the local area, non-standard bookings, and all bookings to or from Airports or Ports will require a deposit at the time of booking. The Company will be unable to confirm a booking until such deposit has been paid.
  4. The amount of deposit will depend on the full price and distance of the journey, as well as any extra services requested, such as our Executive Travel service, specialist seating arrangements or larger vehicles required.
  5. Bookings paid in advance (whether in full or deposit) must be paid by Cash, Credit or Debit card, or Bank Transfer. Payment will not be confirmed until cleared funds have been received.
  6. Bookings paid for during the journey may be paid by Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash. In the event of a card payment unable to be processed, due to a declined payment or mechanical / system malfunction, we reserve the right to request another method of payment prior to the passenger leaving the vehicle.
  7. Receipts can be supplied upon request for all bookings. Receipts for card payments can be e-mailed to the customers chosen e-mail address, or hand written by the driver upon receiving payment.
  8. All prices quoted are in British Pounds Sterling (GBP). No VAT is charged on bookings as SPINNAKER TRAVEL LIMITED is not VAT Registered.
  9. Bookings to Airports and Ports costing over £100 require a minimum 50% deposit upon booking. Bookings to Airports and Ports costing between £40 and £99 require full payment upon booking unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  10. Bookings originating at Airports or Ports require full payment in advance. We reserve the right to amend this requirement at our discretion if we have previously taken the customer to the same Airport / Port on an outbound journey.
  11. The company reserves the right to request payment upfront for any booking without reason.
  12. The company reserve the right to contact the booker and request payment in advance of travel, even if not originally request at the time of booking.
  13. Should the company not be able to contact the customer after three attempts (using details provided during the booking process), they reserve the right to cancel any unpaid bookings by that customer.
  14. All bookings for vehicles seating up to 8 passengers are deemed to be operated by SPINNAKER TRAVEL LIMITED, under an operators licence issued by the local licensing authority.
  15. In the rare event of bookings being outsourced, in line with local licensing regulations, your contact will remain with the Company and all booking amendments must be made through them.
  16. In
  17. VEHICLES: Number of passengers to be carried must be supplied at time of booking.
  18. Our drivers may refuse to transport more passengers than stated on the booking, and will refuse to transport any more passengers than the licensed capacity of the vehicle.
  19. In the event of a larger vehicle being supplied than for the number of passengers requested, and due to space availability more passengers request to travel than originally booked, a further fee / booking amendment will apply in line with the original cost increase to book a vehicle of that size.
  20. The driver may refuse to carry any person who is deemed to be intoxicated, acting unlawfully, violent or aggressively or making obscene gestures or remarks. In this situation, no refund will be given for the booked journey.
  21. The driver reserves the right to eject any passenger who is acting in an unruly manner within the vehicle, breaching any of these Terms or the Passenger Terms, endangering the safety of the vehicle, other passengers, members of the public or other road users. The driver will pull over and eject the passenger at the next safe location, or in the case of a journey taking place on a motorway, at the nearest exit or service station.
  22. In the event of an extreme emergency, with an imminent threat to the safety of the driver, vehicle, passengers or other road users, the driver will pull over immediately and eject the passenger and the relevant authorities will be informed.
  23. The company will supply a vehicle licensed to carry at a minimum the number of booked passengers and a reasonable amount of luggage.
  24. In the event of the company being unable to supply the booked vehicle for any reason, they reserve the right to substitute with a vehicle of equal or greater capacity.
  25. In extreme circumstances, should the Company be unable to provide a vehicle of equal or greater size, the Company reserve the right to substitute with multiple vehicles transport the number of booked passengers at no extra charge.
  26. In the rare event of the company being unable to supply (a) suitable vehicle(s), they reserve the right to outsource the booking to another licensed operator, in line with local licensing authority policy. The customers point of contact and booking contract will remain with the Company and no refund will be due.
  27. In the extreme event of the Company being unable to fulfil a paid booking and unable to find a suitable licensed operator to fulfil the booking on their behalf, a full refund will be due to the Booker via the original payment method. In the case of payment via Card or Bank Transfer, the Company will endeavour to process the refund within 48 hours of cancellation, or if not possible, at the earliest opportunity afterwards.
  28. The Company is not responsible for the processing times of Banks or Card Issuers or Processors, and any fees which they may charge to the customer to receive or process the refund, or any other fees or currency exchange rate differences.
  29. PASSENGER TERMS: Passengers may under to circumstances eat or drink within the vehicle without the prior permission of the driver. (This excludes Executive Travel bookings in which passengers may consume refreshments provided by the Company).
  30. Passengers should remain seated at all times whilst the vehicle is in motion.
  31. Seat belts are provided at all seats and it is the passengers legal responsibility to wear these at all times. The driver reserves the right not to move the vehicle unless all passengers are safely seated with seat belts fastened.
  32. Should a passenger refuse to wear a seat belt without a valid medical reason, the driver reserves the right to eject them from the vehicle. In this situation, for journeys paid for in advance, no refund will be due, and for journeys yet to be paid, full payment will still be required for the booked journey, and the Company reserves the right to take civil enforcement action to recover these costs.
  33. Passengers must not smoke (including the use of e-cigarettes and vaporisers) in the vehicle under any circumstances at any time. All our vehicles are strictly NO SMOKING. Anyone caught smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes, vaporisers and other similar devices), will be ejected immediately and banned from further travel with the Company. A £500 cleaning fee on top of the original journey fee if not yet paid, and no refund will be due for parts of the journey not carried out. In the case of a journey not yet paid, the full journey fee will be payable immediately. The Company reserves the right to take civil enforcement action to recover any fees owed, as well as to notify the relevant authorities of the conduct of the passenger.
  34. Passengers should treat the vehicle and driver with respect at all times.
  35. Anyone found to be damaging the vehicle or its contents will be banned from future travel with the Company. The Company reserves the right to take legal action to recover the costs to repair any damage caused, including loss of earnings, legal fees and reputation damage.
  36. Any passengers making a mess in the vehicle, including but not limited to spilling food or drink, chewing gum, littering, dirtying seats or flooring or leaving behind any bodily fluids will be charged a cleaning fee of a minimum of £125. The Company reserve the right to take legal action to recover this fee and any other costs incurred.
  37. In the event of any of these terms being breached on a journey booked by an Account holder, the Company reserves the right to apply the charges to that account and suspend further activity on the account with immediate effect until the charges are paid in full. The Company still reserves the right to take legal action to recover any costs owed in line with the previous terms.
  38. Passengers must not disturb the driver whilst the vehicle is in motion, except in the case of an emergency.
  39. Passengers must not shout, sing loudly or play music (amplified or otherwise) whilst in the vehicle.
  40. Any passengers deemed to be disturbing the driver will be asked to stop. Should they refrain from doing so, the driver reserves the right to eject them from the vehicle without refund. In line with the previous terms, the booking cost will still be due in full and the Company reserves the right to take legal action to recover this.
  41. Any passenger deemed to be deliberately causing a nuisance or disturbing the driver will be banned from further travel with the Company.
  42. Account Terms: Accounts may be offered to customers at the Company's discretion.
  43. The Company may offer accounts that are invoiced / billed weekly or monthly at it's discretion.
  44. The Company reserves the right to carry out an Identity Verification and Credit Check on any customer applying to open an Account.
  45. The Company reserves the right to impose a credit cap on any Account at any time, at it's discretion.
  46. Account holders may request a lower credit limit on their account at any time. This will be applied to the Account with immediate effect. Any amounts outstanding over the lowered credit limit will be due payable immediately.
  47. The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate any Account at any time.
  48. If the Company reasonably believe that an Account holder may be having financial difficulties, or have any reason to believe that the Account holder may be unwilling or unable to pay any outstanding balance in full, they reserve the right to suspend Account activity and demand immediate payment of the outstanding balance.
  49. Executive Travel Service: In the event of vehicle unavailability, the Company reserves the right to substitute the vehicle with another vehicle of equal or greater size.
  50. In the rare case of a substitute vehicle, the Company cannot guarantee that the vehicle will be free of branding / logos, or contain privacy glass.
  51. If possible, the Company will attempt to contact the Customer and inform them of the situation, and other options available to them.
  52. For Executive Travel bookings, the driver will open and close all vehicle doors, load and remove luggage and carry it a reasonable distance to and from the vehicle, and will wear a Chauffeur's uniform.
  53. Refreshments and in-vehicle Wi-Fi are provided on a complimentary basis and no refund will be due in the rare instance they are unavailable.
  54. Wi-Fi Terms: In-vehicle Wi-Fi is provided as a complimentary benefit to Executive Travel customers.
  55. The Company makes no claims as to the speed, suitability or usability of the Wi-Fi, or the compatibility of the Wi-Fi with the customers' device(s).
  56. Travellers in the vehicle may not use the Wi-Fi to download, upload, view, stream, receive or send obscene or illegal content, or any material that breaches copyright law.
  57. The Company makes no claims as to the security of the Wi-Fi service, and recommend customers take appropriate precautions, including (but not limited to) the use of Anti-Virus and Firewall software on their device(s).
  58. Internet service is provided by a third-party service provider with details available upon request. The Company is not responsibility for the unavailability of the Wi-Fi for reasons outside of its control, including but not limited to software or hardware failure, network issues or signal losses and interruption due to the location or speed of the vehicle.
  59. Wi-Fi is subject to a fair use policy and the Company reserve the right to disable the service if they reasonably believe the Customer or Traveller to be in breach of these terms.



We value your Privacy and will never sell or use your data without consent, except where required by law and local licensing regulations.

Despite this, in line with regulations, please see our Privacy Policy below and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

  1. By making a booking with the Company, you are consenting to the storage and transfer of information provided by you in order to fulfil and carry out your Booking.
  2. The Company will never sell or trade your data to any third party.
  3. Data collected by the Company is collected in order to facilitate your Booking and comply with legal and licensing regulations.
  4. Date collected includes the name of Booker, Address of Collection, Address of Drop Off, Dates and Times of journeys, number of passengers booked and carried, payment method (e.g. Cash, Card or Bank Transfer) as well as any special requests or notes relating to your booking.
  5. In the case of misconduct or breach of our Passenger Terms by any traveller, this may be recorded in the journey notes, as well as retained for the purpose of keeping a list of passengers banned from further travel with the Company.
  6. Data will be securely stored, however may be transferred electronically outside of the EU. For instance, information relating to bookings may be saved on or transferred through servers owned, operated or maintained by Apple, iCloud, Microsoft, Exchange, Outlook, Dropbox, Google, GoDaddy and WordPress amongst others. (For example, if you e-mail us, your e-mail may be transferred through servers operated by a number of the companies above. This would more than likely be the case for any e-mail you send or receive, and is nothing unusual. In another example, booking requests through our website will be transferred from the WordPress platform to our e-mail inbox, via the server of our website hosting company.)
  7. Data relating to confirmed bookings will be held for a minimum period of two years, to comply with local licensing regulations. (This will be the same for any other Private Hire operator licensed by the same authority).
  8. Lists of banned customers, or any data regarding misconduct may be kept permanently in order to enforce our banned customer list.
  9. Card information for Credit and Debit card payments is not held or stored intentionally by the company, however may be accessible in certain cases. (For example, in the event of a payment dispute or chargeback, the Bank and processing Merchant will have access to transaction information).
  10. Account names, Numbers, and Sort Codes may be visible for any payments made to us via Bank Transfer. (This is the same as for anything else you pay via bank transfer, and once again is nothing unusual.)
  11. In line with your legal rights, you may request a copy of data we hold about you at any time. We may charge a reasonable fee (around £10) in order to cover the administration costs in order to carry out your request. Please contact us at hello@spinnakertravel.com if you require any more information about this service.


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